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Gameplay BASICS

  • Pick your favorite Charity or Cause to support as a CharityWars Champion.

  • Win Karma for your Cause by exploring Trivia Adventures and winning Trivia Duels.

  • Get your Cause to 1st Place by the end of the Playoffs to win them Grant money.

  • Choose your Strategy: Play alone or work with other Champions to get your Cause to the top.


How do the CharityWars Playoffs Work?

Any Champion can Propose and Vote up Causes to be included in the CharityWars Playoffs.

Causes can ONLY be proposed by individual Champions. So if you don’t see your favorite Cause, propose it and then vote it up!

The Cause that won the Playoffs (by getting the most Karma from its Champions) will get the Playoffs Grant money. And there is ZERO cost for a Cause to receive the Playoffs Grant.

On the last day of the ending Playoffs, the 30 Causes with the most votes will get “locked in” to compete in the next Playoffs.

After the Playoffs, the grant money is mailed by check to the public Donations address of the winning Cause, and the confirmation publicly shared when the check is cashed.

How do CharityWars Badges work?

You can increase how much Karma you earn for your Cause by winning Badges.

A badge can give one of 3 different Karma Bonuses: a bonus to Karma earned from Adventures, a bonus to Karma earned from Quiz Duels, OR a bonus to how much more Karma ALL the Champions of your Cause will earn.

Bonuses from all badges are cumulative. So the more badges you win, the more Karma you can earn everytime you play.

Adventure Badges: When you advance up the levels of Trivia Adventures and Knowlidge Quizzes you can win Adventure Badges, with each topic having its own series of badges. Only the top badges of a series give a Karma Bonus. BUT these badges are permanent, and you can collect as many as you want from all the different topics.

Ranking Badges: These badges are earned from getting to the top of the leaderboards in Adventure or Quiz. These badges give much bigger bonuses, AND holding on to one of the top 3 badges of each leaderboard can give a bonus to EVERY champion of your Cause. But each leaderboard only counts Karma earned in the last 90 days for rankings. So holding on to a top spot wont be easy.

Champion Level Badges: As you earn more Karma and Level Up as a Champion, each level will give you a permanent Karma bonus. But each new level will be harder and harder to reach.

How do I earn more points during a Level?

There are 3 mechanics that affect how many points you earn when answering questions: Hardness Bonus, Speed Bonus, and Correct Streak Bonus.

Hardness Bonus: Each question will earn you a number of points when answered correctly. The harder the question, the more points you earn. The easiest earn 5 points, the hardest 30.

Speed Bonus: You will earn an additional point for every second remaining in the timer. IF you answer correctly.

Correct Streak Bonus: If you get two correct answers in a row you will earn an additional 3 points on top of other bonuses. With every correct answer the bonus will grow to + 6, +9, +12 etc; until the Correct Streak is broken by a wrong answer.

Choose your winning strategy: go slow to maximize your chances of a correct answer, or guess quickly to increase your Speed Bonus.

Note: Questions in Speed Levels dont give any points when answered correctly. To pass those levels you have to rely solely on Speed and Correct Streak Bonuses to win.

How do Trivia Duels Work?

Charitywars Quiz Duels bring together two Champions to see who can get a higher score answering the same 10 questions for a selected Quiz topic.

The “Creator” of the Duel gets to choose the entry “pledge” for the Duel (1 to 5 Coins), and then answers 10 randomly selected questions.

Another champion can then join the Duel, answering the same 10 questions and earning their own score.

The Winner of the Duel will earn Karma for their Cause, while the loser will lose their “pledged” Coins. The Winner keeps their Coins and can immediately reuse them.

The Creator of the Duel may have to wait until their Duel is joined to find out the outcome, but Creators win ALL ties, and get a special Karma bonus (if they win).

The amount of Karma earned from bigger pledges grows exponentially, but expect to find harder opponents the more Coins are on the line.

It's always good to start by joining 1 Coin duels to get a sense of the opposition.

How do I challenge a friend to a Quiz Duel?

Select a Quiz Topic for you challenge, then use the option for creating a Friend Challenge.

After you answer all the questions, you will see a "Duel Page" those URL you can share with your friends by email, chat or social media.

The first friend to follow your shared link and join the Duel will answer the same questions, and you will get a notification of who won.

You friend does not need to be have an account, and anyone can join and play without becoming a Champion.

Unlike regular Duels, Friend Challenges don't use up Coins. And the same URL link will now display a shareable "brag page" with the results.

How does Voting for Causes work?

You have limited votes and proposals, so chose the Causes you definitely want to be included.

You can un-vote a Cause to get your vote back, so you can use it for another Cause.

Your votes will expire after 6 months, so dont forget to re-vote.

Vote strategically: if your favorite Cause has enough votes, could you help another great Cause get into the Playoffs?

A Cause that participated in a Playoffs can still be excluded if it does not get enough votes by the next Playoffs. So make sure your current Cause is in the top 30.

A Cause can be “added” in the middle of an active Playoffs IF that Cause will get more votes than the average number of votes for the current top 30 Causes - and keep that number for 5 days.

Where does the Grant Money come from?

The money for the Grant has been put up by the members of our team. We don't have any financial backers or investors. We are not part of an accelerator or a larger company. We are small team of nerds trying to build something awesome, and we are happy for this money to go to any of these great Causes, according to your gameplay.

Right now we are in beta, so the prize amount is small, but it's real. The money will be sent out when the current Playoffs are over, and each following Playoffs will have a larger Grant amount at stake. (Our goal is to get to 25k Grants by next year!)

This is a project aimed at making both online gaming and supporting a Charitable Cause more meaningful and exciting. If you think this is worthwhile, and want to help us with increasing the Grant amounts, get in touch. We could always use the help.

Wait... where's the catch?

Look, we can say there is no catch... but the internet can be a scary place. So here are the basics, and you can judge for yourself. AND hold us to this as well.

A) We are putting up our own money to be donated to one of these worthy Charities. You, the Champion can decide which Charity will get this money by being awesome at Trivia, and help your Cause win.

B) There are no Ads. No subscriptions. No upsells. You will always be able to make an account for FREE, and play any adventure for FREE. (Although you may run out of Coins, but then you can earn more Coins in other Adventures.) We don't sell data or use trackers. (Check our Privacy Policy: we are VERY serious about this stuff.)

C) There is always ZERO cost for any Cause to get Grant Money. They don't have to sign up. They don't have to register. You play. The Cause with the most dedicated Champions wins. We send them a check. Done. They don't have to acknowledge us in any way ever. And will keep mailing them checks every time you help them win.

That's it. But if you have more questions please feel free to contact us. We are pretty friendly :)