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Help with new Adventures or Quizzes

Do you have an idea for a new Trivia Adventure or Knowdlidge Quiz? Want to try making your own level? Do you have a great public domain image for backgrounds or badges? Like looking up awesome quotes? JOIN THE CONTENT TEAM! Get in touch. We could use the help...

Help us improve CharityWars.org

We need to hear from you to keep improving CharityWars. Were any instructions unhelpful? Did any of the interfaces seem confusing? Your feedback will help us grow!

Help us be Clearer

Do you have questions about our Duels, Playoffs, or Grant giving? Is anything confusing? This is a work in progress, and we are constantly improving our Help section with succesfully answered questions from our users. So ask away and help us grow our knowledge base!

Want to write about CharityWars.org?

If are a blogger, vlogger, journalist or writer? Are you interested in learning more about our project, our future goals, or getting an interview with our team? Send us a message and we can get the conversation started.

Bugs or Issues Reporting

Did you notice something wrong with one of our interfaces, support texts, or platform function. Send us a message describing the problem, with the URL of where the issue was found in our system. Or describe the steps needed to reproduce the problem.

Legal Questions or Issues

Do you have any legal question about CharityWars.org? Do you need the address of our registered agent? Do you want to report a breach of copyright with one of our images? Are you a representative of our nominated Causes? Are you a representative of a government or legal authority? Send us a message describing the issue, your phone number and contact address, and we will be in touch with you promptly.

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