Propose a Great Charity!

Make sure to have all the information about the Charity you want to propose.

Charity Name: Make sure to look up the full name of the Charity or Cause you want to propose. You should use the name for the organization that they use on their website. If there is a popular abbreviation that he organization itself often uses (ex the ASPCA) include that at the start of the name of the Cause you are proposing.

The primary Website of your Charity: Make sure to include the main website of your Charity. The website of one of their projects, a blog, or a social media page cannot be used as a URL.

A brief description of your Charity: You can always find a good description of your Charity on the “About” or "Mission" page of their website. Make sure the description is no longer than 500 characters, and gives a good idea of who this Charity helps, and how it does it.

Dont post a Duplicate: Make sure someone else didn't already propose this Charity. Having two proposals for the same Charity will dilute the votes that each proposal will get, and we will periodically merge all clear duplicates. So make sure to look over the other proposals before creating a new one.

Which Charities are eligible for the Playoffs?

Certified 501c3 Nonprofits: Playoffs can only feature 501c3 certified non-profit organisations. Political Candidates, Political Parties, Super PACs, Private Foundations, Chambers of Commerce, and Trade Unions are not eligible. If you are not sure if the Cause you want to propose is a 501c3 you can look them up on CharityNavigator or GuideStar.

National Level Causes: Currently only National level causes can be proposed. These are larger organizations that have operations across the United States, or multiple countries. Your local park, school, or friend in need are not a "National Level" cause. Sorry. But a local hospital that is specifically known for research that benefits the whole country, or a nationally known Museum, can be.

Significant US Presence: To be eligible for the Playoffs, foreign based non-profits need to have a significant operational presence in the US, even if they do their primary Charity work outside of the US. There are great non-US charities out there. But we want to avoid being scammed.

Primarily Non-Political: Charitywars is a non-political site. We want to bring Americans of all political persuasions together to support Causes (even if competitively) that are clearly involved in feeding, curing, protecting and rebuilding. For this reason we want to avoid Non-Profit organizations that have a significant involvement in lobbying and are generally considered to be one sided politically. There are GREAT sites out that help you support those Causes. But on this site we wanted to focus on Causes that bring people together from all political persuasions to do good.

Trustworthy: Any organizations that are under official investigation by the IRS, the State Department, or state prosecutors for fraud or malfeasance cannot participate in the Playoffs. Additionally any organizations that have been identified by the US Government as supporters of violence or terrorism cannot participate in the Playoffs.

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DISCLAIMER: Only users have the power to decide which Causes can be featured on the platform. staff cannot choose or endorse any Cause for participation, or partner or get a commission from any Cause. No Cause can pay or petition to be featured.